Master Trainer and Tier 7 Boxer from Elkins Park, Pennsylvania

Big Change, Big Growth

Moving to college was a big change for me and I had a very hard time adjusting the first year. I took PBG during my second year of college and I loved it instantly. I loved it so much that I became an instructor. I am so glad that I signed up for PGB because I met my life long friends and had a chance to inspire others the way I was through PGB.



PGB built my confidence inside and out. I empower others in the community by showing  that there is a fun way to connect with  each other while also connecting with yourself.


Here’s what I have gained from the  3 tools of empowerment:


Achievement: I pushed myself to stretch after every class even though I don’t like to stretch at all. I am more flexible and definitely not as sore.
Fun: We workout to crazy songs in my class, even some Faith Hill.
Community: My first tier 1 class has a group chat that is still active after 4 years!