Garret Garrels

…founded Pink Gloves Boxing in 2006 while in college. After losing eight pints of blood in an accident that happened in 2007, Garret dedicated the rest of his life to finding his potential and helping others do the same. With a love for fitness and a background in boxing, Garret had already been personal training a group of women in Butte, MT. With nothing but advice in his pockets, the young entrepreneur decided to grab his bootstraps. The success of the Pink Gloves uncovered a problem from his past. Schools were asking him to give presentations to help inspire the youth. Though a stutter is impossible to overcome completely, his lazy lips of yesterday have put a smile on his face, today. Twice, Garret has finished in the semi-finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking and in 2011, he finished in the top 18 of 35,000. Half wordsmith, half enigma; Garret has planted the seeds of a movement.

Nick Milodragovich

By 2009, Garret partnered up with college teammate Nick Milodragovich to expand Pink Gloves Boxing to the masses. In collegiate football, Nick was a three-time national champion, and honored as a two-time All-American and team captain. Those experiences revealed to Nick the endless power of a nurturing community of belief, camaraderie, and confidence. With Nick’s effervescent charisma, business acumen and unrivaled forward thinking focus, PGB membership has increased 1000% in 4 years time. Nick is also a published writer, sought after motivational speaker, and successful film producer. Together with Garret, Pink Gloves Boxing has been successfully elevated into a global company. His insatiable drive centers around the belief that we are all much stronger than we give ourselves credit for. Nick is inspired by and loves acts of courage, and for those who are lucky enough to know Nick’s idiosyncratic side, he also loves… fonts.

Kelly Crosby

…started PGB at Montana State University in the Spring of 2010. Averaging around 100 members every semester, Kelly has created the flagship PGB program for Universities. Along with being the Fitness Director at MSU, Kelly is expanding her role in Pink Gloves to include being the Joint Manager of PGB.