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Revealing the Champion from Within Each Other

When you incorporate a solid fitness routine into your life, you are wearing a glove on one hand. When you surround yourself with like-minded individuals, you are wearing a glove on the other.

If you want to win this game of life, you better be wearing two gloves!

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We use the strength of a community to strengthen the individual, and stronger individuals build stronger communities.

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What our members are saying...

Through Pink Gloves Boxing, I found a side of myself that I didn’t know existed. I found someone who could be strong and confident right alongside amazing warriors who I otherwise never would have had the privilege to get to know. We pick each other up and push each other little by little towards our goals, and in doing so with each class we become a stronger community, a stronger family, that I hope will continue to grow.

- Laura E.

“I have spent the majority of my adult life in the group fitness arena and have never experienced an atmosphere like a Pink Gloves Boxing class. As non-threatening as it sounds, Group fitness can be competitive, intimidating, and at times even scary… Going through training with PGB has given me tools to break the group fitness stereotypes by empowering and supporting the women who take my class. I can see the camaraderie and accomplishment on members faces when they walk out the door to return to their responsibilities.”

- Jessica

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join / sign up?

Use the "Sign Up Today" button above, which will take you to a secure checkout form. After you complete checkout you're in! Easy.

How does billing work?

You are charged monthly via the credit card you sign up with, with the option to cancel at any time from within your account.

What can I expect inside the members area?

The members area offers access to content in the form of articles, videos and various other learning resources. You also get member-only access to our event calendar, forums and other community tools.

Is there a minimum membership requirement?

Nope. We hope you stick around for months and years to come, but you can come and go as you please.

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