Master Trainer and Tier 7 Boxer from White Lake, Michigan

Ashley’s Takeaway

This is how PGB has empowered me:  I would not be the person, teacher, and student that I am today if not for PGB. PGB has taught me that my empathy is a gift and strength, that the best teachers learn from their students, and that every single interaction with someone can truly make a difference. PGB has given me life long friends and helped me learn to accept myself. For that, I will never be able to repay what I have been given.

This is how I empower others in return: I choose to be intentional with my life and how I treat others.I give all of my vulnerability to each of my classes in hopes of creating a safe enough space that anyone who wants or needs to share is able to. I hope to bring smiles and tears out of my class as well as LOTS of sweat. My class participants become my friends and any of them will tell you that I’m just as tough as I am sweet. 

How I use the 3 tools of empowerment: Fun: I always get SO EXCITED when people overcome a barrier at prize fight that I just squeal and then we both  end up in a squealing dance party celebrating a win. Community: We get DEEP in the questions of the day during cool down. I’ve been told my classes are a SERIOUS bonding experience (and I feel it too). Achievement: Never did I think that I would be able to do my 3 minutes of burpees for tier up, but I did!! With a support system like this, anything is possible!