Ariana is a Tier 7 Champion from Cleveland, Ohio.

Gain Experience

When Ariana started college, she didn’t have any new friends, lacked confidence in herself and believed she was physically weak. After starting PGB, she made lots of friends with the girls in her classes. They helped her on her journey to gain self-confidence and prove to herself that she is a strong woman. 

PGB empowered her to go after what she wants by working hard! She states, “The process may take time and the work may be hard, but it all pays off. The reward is worth it.” 

In return, she empowers others to show them they can make it through anything, even when it seems hard. She enjoys cheering on others at Tier Up and jumping in during the hard parts! 

In Ariana’s view, here is how the 3 tools of empowerment play out: 

Fun: Music is a motivator! We keep it upbeat and energetic. 

Community: Through my time with PGB, the class becomes a family. I love when we go out to eat together after the last class. 

Achievement: I pushed myself in PGB as hard as I could. Tier 7 was especially challenging and I made it through! 

Ariana notes, “If you are  hesitant to try PGB,  I would say to not be afraid to try something new that may be out of your comfort zone. If it ends up not being what you wanted, at least you tried something new and gained a new experience because that’s the most important part of trying something new!”