We train your whole body through a system of specialized rounds (including one-on-one time with your trainer) to create a one-of-a-kind workout experience that strengthens and sculpts your muscles, burns body fat, builds beautiful boxers, and strengthens you to take on the rest of your day as a Champion.

It’s not self-defense, it’s Self-Confidence.

Total Body Training

“Lions and tigers, and bears! Oh, my!” If Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz was a Pink Gloves Boxer, she would have said, “Lunges and tiger crawls, and burpees! Oh, my!
Interval Training
Generally speaking, the most common method of burning fat is to engage in an exercise with low intensity and long duration. Our workout doesn’t fit those guidelines at all. It is comprised of short bursts of extremely high intensities, which will not only directly stimulate fat burning, but also burn fat through the construction of lean muscle.

The reason that many people take on long duration and low intensity activities is because at low intensities your body is burning fat, and it is really easy. In contrast, it isn’t during high intensity activities that your body burns the most fat, but afterwards. Do you think you burn more fat in one hour or in one day? After a Pink Gloves workout, your body’s post-exercise metabolic rate becomes elevated and your energy expenditure will continue throughout the day. This phenomenon is called excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) and keeps your body in a constant state of fat metabolism. Also, you will find that hormone and enzyme activity is increased and this has a direct correlation to fat loss (Enamait).

Wow, build muscle and burn fat in a shorter amount of time? That’s brilliant! Well, we didn’t invent this type of training. It has been around for a long time. The primary reason that you won’t find it mainstream is be- cause it doesn’t fit that glamour fitness picture that everyone is trying to paint. It’s a hardcore, fast-paced, gut-wrenching workout that we don’t think the average population could do.

Don’t you worry though! If you are reading this, you are not the average population.

Heavy Bag

The cure for any stress-virus that your members may have caught at work.

There’s a reason PGB is called, “The woman’s way to knock the stress out of the day.” This can be another opportunity to be creative and try those new skills you learned in the shadowboxing segment.



It’s a dance you learn as you go. Sometimes you’re Rocky, sometimes you’re Apollo (ref. Rocky, the movie).

Between the speed ladder and jump rope, you will be dancing like Ali when you start to master these movements.



The only person we ever have to compete with – in life – is that person in the mirror. Coincidentally, that person should also be our best friend.

This is one of the most important portions of the session. Some of the shyest people have this segment to thank for coming out of their shell. It gives you an opportunity to call your own shots and be very creative. It may seem very awkward at first, but in the process of figuring it out you gain many necessary leadership qualities for advancing in the class.


Prize Fight

It’s a-bout time. Everyone looks forward to this section. It should be punches of fun.

Many call this activity the “bread and butter” of Pink Gloves. It’s a great way to get rid of your inner stress and get a great workout. This one-on-one time with your instructor will allow her/him to push you to the proper intensities as well as perfect your technique.