“Be the best fitness community and reinvent group exercise by Revealing the Champion from Within Each Other.”

Three Tools of Empowerment

Champions are not made. Champions are sculpted from the leader- ship potentials that already exist within you. We believe leadership should be about empowerment and here are the three tools of em- powerment we use to sculpt champions.


Fitness should be fun. We want PGB to be something that you want to do instead of something you have to do. You can live the life you love and love the life you live.


In PGB, you are surrounded with encouraging, friendly and like- minded women. You will connect one-on-one with your trainer and fellow members. Remember to let loose, share your successes and learn from your failures.


The Goal Getting process and the PGB Tier System give you the direction and motivation to accomplish your fitness and personal goals.


What is Pink Gloves Boxing?

The Movement

Pink Gloves Boxing is a fitness program that delivers an amazing workout and an emotionally rewarding experience to small communities of powerful women. The fitness world is overflowing with great programs, but PGB is in a class of its own. Pink Gloves is the only program that puts a great deal of focus on social and emotional growth in addition to the amazing workout. Using the core movements of competitive boxing, PGB is a non- contact program for women who want to live a healthy lifestyle. Join us in changing the way we look at the world of fitness. Pink Gloves Boxing™ (PGB) truly is a movement towards a healthier lifestyle!

“Pink Gloves Boxing empowers and educates women through boxing. It’s about mind, body, and spirit.” Lucia Rijker, 6 time World Champion kickboxer & boxer


A Workout That Goes Beyond

Fitness is beyond physical. Yet most companies just sell a body instead of a mind; isolation instead of a community, and the objectifying of women instead of the healthy relationships that empower us to be our best.

Pink Gloves Boxing is helping to reveal champions from within each other.

Pink Gloves Boxing is a fun, friendly, and encouraging environment that personally challenges you at your level. You’ll develop powerful boxing skills and define a healthier, more confident you – in mind, body, and soul. You’ll shed fat, tighten your core, tone your arms, burn your thighs, and knock the stress out of the day.