Sale! The Starter Kit

The Starter Kit

$99.99 $89.99

The Starter Kit Tier 1 members receive when they start the PGB program!

  • Black Gloves
  • Black Wraps
  • Black Carrying Bag
  • Boxing Glove Keychain
  • The Pink Gloves Boxing Manual
  • “Revealing the Champion” Wristband
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Members are starting Pink Gloves Boxing! Here what they get in their Starter Kit:

Black Gloves

The Black Gloves are a 12 oz piece of perfection, custom-made to put comfort and functionality at the forefront. You won’t find a better gloves for the price (or better looking). This is the only glove that is available to the world. The rest you have to earn.

Black Wraps

If Goldilocks wore hand wraps, these are the ones she’d choose. While 120 inches is too short, the other option has always been 180 inches, which is too long! We consulted with Goldi and she came back with the perfect size: 150 inches. These are Mexican-style handwraps with no sissy velcro strip – it’s a full width of sturdy velcro awesomeness. These wraps will provide long-lasting support – longer than most handwraps. These are the only pair of hand wraps that are available to the world.

Black Carrying Bag

Carry your new gear around in style. The Tier 1 Black Carrying Bag is simple and functional. It packs your punchers (not a word), so you can pack a punch wherever you go. Don’t forget to keep your Manual in here too!

Boxing Glove Keychain

You will love this. Even people who don’t like pink like this. There is something cool about a miniature boxing glove hanging from a keyring. But don’t take our word for it, take Dorothy’s, “Oh my!”

The Pink Gloves Boxing Manual

This is where the magic is. This is where the code is. The warm-up, the system, the awards, the practices… so much is included in the manual, you’ll be embarrassed by your riches ever time you open it up. If you want to copy the first and best complete boxing curriculum, this is where to look. If you want to know where The Code originated from, this is where to turn. If you’re not reading this, it should be kept in your Tier 1 Black Carrying Bag.

“Revealing the Champion” Wristband

Yes, you’ve already worn twenty different wristbands at different points and time, but how many have a hidden message on the inside? The outside of the band starts a phrase that the inside finishes. Smart, sporty, and deep. Wear it. One included.

  • T1-GLV-BLK
  • T1-WRP-BLK
  • T1-BAG
  • T1-MNL
  • T1-KCH
  • T1-WRB