Partnership with Mamalode in December: All About Strength!


Mamalode has chosen Pink Gloves Boxing as their December partner to help push the theme of STRENGTH. The communities of Mamalode and PGB come from a center of what strength really means, and helping to support a wide array of women everywhere.

Mamalode is a website, a publication and a movement.

Mamalode has been called “America’s BEST parenting magazine” by Lisa Stone, CEO of BlogHer. We collect the best of the blogosphere, mash it up with MFA programs and mix it with our readers’ killer submissions. And through a little curation, a lot of love for content and design and the wonders of modern motherhood, we deliver Mamalode.

We will be sharing some stories on our social channels, and please follow Mamalode (if you don’t already on Facebook and more).

First story… Reach for the Moon

I hurled my winter jacket at the mirror in the bathroom, and made a furious grunting sound. I wanted to shatter that mirror to pieces. In the daycare bathroom, I already felt like my baby was leaving me, and at my own behest. My belly was growing, at 6 months pregnant. I breathed in and out to calm myself, before taking that daycare tour and putting my unborn baby’s name on its waitlist. (Two years later, I still haven’t received a call back.)


Enjoy and cheers to this Holiday Season! And, big thanks to Mamalode!

More about Elke Govertsen, Founder, and the awesome Mamalode community:




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